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Hermit Shadowpao
I've made a public Twitter account named 'HermitShadowpao' after the hermit shadowkin. Last night I started wondering what a hermit shadowpao would look like, and I drew this. This is a hermit shadowpao.

It wears things to symbolise the things I find most important in life: a bell (for music), a book (for reading), a teacup (for tea), and a feather pen (for writing). It also has red markings, one of which is a paw inspired by how I sign things.

So, there you go. I guess this became an accidental fursona now.
It Will Come
I was in dire need of comfort art.
I drew comfort art.
Few things are as comforting to my mind as Steward Sebastian just being Steward Sebastian, so here's Steward Sebastian reassuring a bewildered terrorkitten that no winter will last forever, and spring will surely come.

To colour this I wanted everything to feel cold, so I coloured it like a greyscale one, but with blue instead of grey, and then put the colours on top of it. I really like how it came out, and it feels like a big step forward in my understanding of colouring and how colours work.

I still feel despair at life, so maybe more comfort art is needed...
Hail Sithis
I had to write about Councillors being stupid today for my Nanovel and after that I felt I needed to draw something violent, so I looked through the list of Goretober challenges and figured I'd do backstabbing.  Drawn without any references because I just wanted to draw a quick silly thing and I was too lazy to look any up and any day now I'll understand that I can't do quick silly things and everything just derails into something much more serious.

After I had sketched out the lineart I thought that the stabby person looked very much like someone from Oblivion-era Dark Brotherhood, just in disguise.  No one from there in particular, just someone who would be from there, so I just rolled with it.

The colour balance is a bit messed up, but it's 4AM so this is good enough for now.  Will do a digital colouring at some point.
Strike True

My Nanowrimo strategy seems to be: decide to draw something quick and silly for a friend, and then end up spending several hours drawing something like this instead of writing.

The bird depicted is a Banded Sheely (…).
I SEEM TO HAVE FINALLY COME TO TERMS WITH DEVIANTART.  This is good.  I can now upload art here, which I'm looking forward to.
In short: It's so confusing and it makes uploading things very much of a hassle.  I wish it was optional and would let me just add tags instead as on some other art communities.  But I'll get through this at some point and actually upload stuff.


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